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Our next WHAMinar! WHAM + CoLAB 

We have teamed up with the fantastic team at CoLAb to bring you a WHAMinar: MAD (making a difference) for Health inequalities in complex children.
Join us on Wednesday 11th October 13.30 to 16.30 for a free online study afternoon
Find the link on our "Join Us" page
The  Wellbeing and Health Action Movement (WHAM) 
Children in Classroom
A movement to inform, empower and unite clinicians who fight child poverty and health inequality

WHAM is a ‘social incubator’ for conscious clinicians who fight for social justice.


We provide Knowledge, Tools and Community.


Our digital platform provides peer-to-peer sharing of practical wisdom to address health inequalities.

Poverty damages health throughout the life course.  As child health professionals, we are in a unique position to reach out to families living in poverty. 

This website it packed with the information, evidence and resources to help you introduce routine screening for poverty and signposting to resources into your area of clinical practice. 

We need to work together to improve the health and wellbeing of the families we serve. Join the campaign. 


Why treat children only to send them back to the conditions that made them sick?

Professor Sir Michael Marmot

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